The pioneers of phyto-aromatherapy

Passionate about the therapeutic power of plants from all over the world and pioneers of aromatherapy since 1954, Multaler Laboratories create Yon-Ka phyto-aromatic treatments that encapsulate the forces of Nature in expert and sensorial formulas, true concentrates of effectiveness with visible and proven results.

Convinced that beauty is a matter of physical and psychological harmony, we conceive each treatment as a unique, multi-sensory, deeply personal experience, during which the mind recovers and reconnects with the body to free itself from tension and blossom again.

Products made in France by our laboratories

This vision of a holistic beauty that returns to the fundamentals of well-being is embodied in QUINTESSENCE, our star ingredient, an exclusive complex of 5 essential oils (lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress, thyme) at the heart of our face and body care products.

This active synergy combines its dermatological effectiveness with its olfactory and aromachological benefits to contribute to the well-being and overall balance of each individual.

An internationally recognised brand

As a French and family-owned brand, Yon-Ka is proud of its sustainable and responsible design and production in France, with the utmost respect for nature and for those who produce, grow and harvest our most precious plant ingredients.

Today, throughout the world, more than 6,000 professionals have chosen to share the Yon-Ka Phyto-Aromatic Care Experience with a clientele that loves naturalness, authenticity and results.

A brand distributed in institutes and spas

Chiselled protocols, exclusive techniques and methods, every Yon-Ka treatment is an expert and subtle alchemy between the professional’s hand, the hand that feels and gives, the instrument that prolongs and strengthens it, the essential oil that optimises it.

A very wide range of treatments is available to meet all your clients’ needs.

Yon-Ka treatments are adapted to the use of your equipment and technologies.

A brand that drives its partners forward

What our partners say :

We have been using Yon-Ka products for over ten years. They are suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate and sensitive, and our clients love them. The protocols of Yon-Ka facials stand out and make it a unique brand, always innovative and attentive to our customers’ demands. We look forward to seeing what innovations Yon-Ka has to offer.

Imanullah Cakradinata – Spa Manager Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia

From a spa point of view, quality and training are really the main assets of Yon-Ka compared to many other brands. Training is important to keep up with what is happening in the market for treatments. When they train, they don’t do it quickly, they do it well, and they evolve with the industry.

Christine Haddad – Director of G2O Spa & Salon, USA

A brand committed to progress and respect for the environment

Since 2014, Yon-Ka has been making a concrete gesture for nature by supporting the Association “Un toit pour les abeilles”. Faced with the threat to this important ecological population, the brand has enabled the installation of hives in Haute Provence. This means a roof for more than 750,000 bees. Yon-Ka has been the largest donor in the cosmetics industry since the initiative began and, thanks to its support, it has made it possible to perpetuate the activity of selected beekeepers who are suffering economically (purchase of honey at a higher price, purchase of hives, renewal of swarms). This partnership is relayed throughout the world by our subsidiaries and distributors.

Yon-Ka is concretely committed to preserving biodiversity by financing the planting of fields of flowers in New Aquitaine and Hauts-de-France, which are of interest to foragers. These flowers provide healthy nectar and pollen at times when foragers lack food.