Chiselled protocols, exclusive techniques and methods, every Yon-Ka treatment is an expert and subtle alchemy between the professional’s hand, the hand that feels and gives, the instrument that extends and strengthens it, the essential oil that optimises it.
A very wide range of treatments is available to meet all your clients’ needs. Yon-Ka treatments are adapted to the use of your equipment and technologies.

Training teams dedicated to your success

Highly qualified Yon-Ka trainers accompany you in the acquisition of Yon-Ka treatment gestures and protocols: during face-to-face training sessions at our training centres in Colombes, Mies or at our distributor partners, we provide you with the appropriate training materials and manuals, as well as a set of treatment guides. Educational videos help you to perfect your gestures and postures.

A business partner at your side

We take a particular interest in the success of our partners, institutes, spas or distributors. Through regular support, varied commercial offers particularly adapted to the needs of your clientele, the launch of new products or new treatments each year, a wide choice of accessories and promotional tools, recruitment or loyalty offers and support for the digital development of your business, Yon-Ka is the brand best able to support you in the harmonious development of your business.