Welcome to the new website for Yon-Ka stockists and distributors.

This site has been designed to allow you to consult and, if necessary, download all the information you need to do your job, whether it be providing care or selling Yon-Ka products.

Simple and intuitive navigation

These documents (visuals, technical sheets, tutorials, videos, etc.) are classified by major family and accessible from the menu.

The “Communication” menu allows you to access information and documents concerning the communication around the brand: graphic charter, brand presentation, marketing tools, press clippings, digital media kits.

The “Products” menu gives you access to all the elements concerning the products: official visuals, detached or not, technical data sheets, safety data sheets, as well as visuals and videos where the products are put in situation

The “Treatments” menu gives you access to everything about Yon-Ka treatments: the treatment map, the treatment manuals and the list of products used, and even the treatment music that you can listen to at any time!

The “Training” menu allows you to find everything about the training: the videos of the treatments, the e-learning module, the programme of the next sessions and even the link to register. Don’t hesitate to refresh your knowledge by watching the videos of the treatments, even from your mobile phone!

The “Sales Support / Documentation” menu allows you to find a wide variety of information for business use: from the beauty prescription to the prices of treatments and products, to the list of vegan products. Most of the documents can be viewed online, and even downloaded if necessary.

Finally, all the pages of the site are available in several languages, French, English, German and Flemish. Most of the documents, presentations and PDF files are also available in a wide variety of languages.

For example, here is the page with the retail product images in Flemish.

A powerful search engine

One of the great novelties of this professional website is its search engine. All the contents of the site have been indexed, so that you can quickly find all the information about a product, a product range or a care product.

For example, here is the result of a search on the term “lotion“:

And here the result of a search on the term “hydralessence“.

An even simpler experience on a mobile phone

The Yon-Ka Pro website is fully compatible with the “responsive” technology, and you can use it and consult all its contents from a tablet or a mobile phone.

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